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IR35 Cover

‘Fee Payer IR35 Protect’ – our market leading IR35 insurance that provides £100,000 worth of cover per claim for both the professional representation costs involved in defending an HMRC IR35 status enquiry as well as resultant tax liabilities.

Our insurance insures the engagement and covers all parties involved, including agencies, clients and the contractor. Any party in the IR35 supply chain can purchase the insurance, but only once an outside IR35 determination has been made from within the range of assessments included within the Contractor Compliance Portal.

The ‘Prospects of Success’ clause is automatically met if an outside IR35 status determination is obtained through any of the assessment methods on the Contractor Compliance Portal, including validating an outside IR35 SDS from an external source.

Other providers often provide an annual policy, meaning that clients end up spending more money as they pay for more coverage than is needed. Our policy insures the ‘engagement’, with payments being made monthly for its duration and therefore providing the exact amount of coverage required. 

Note: ‘Fee Payer IR35 Protect’ insurance is only available to buy via the Contractor Compliance Portal. Contractors needing an annual IR35 insurance policy that covers them for professional representation fees and tax liabilities can purchase ‘Contractor IR35 Protect’ insurance from our sister website Roots Contractor Insurance.

IR35 Fee Payer Protect Insurance

Coverage Is Provided In Two Distinct Parts

Representation Cover

£100,000 of cover per claim per engagement

Covers the costs and expenses of professional representation to defend against HMRC

Is included as standard

Subsequent First-Tier Tribunal hearings are covered

Also includes cover for Upper Tribunal hearings

Tax Liabilities Cover

£100,000 of cover per claim per engagement

Is in addition to the £100,000 of professional representation cover provided

Is included as standard

Covers PAYE and NIC taxes should HMRC be successful in their IR35 status enquiry

Also covers any interest & penalties applied by HMRC

Section Breaker

Key Features

Is a policy that lasts as long as the engagement – giving complete coverage

No need for an annual policy that provides more coverage than needed

Monthly payments that are automatically collected for as long as the engagement lasts.

IR35 Insurance Features

IR35 Insurance

The insurance insures the engagement and every business within its supply chain

£100,000 cover for both representation & IR35 tax liabilities, interest and penalties

Payment is made each month, for as long as the engagements lasts

Ability to automatically insure all outside IR35 assessments

Underwritten by a UK based insurer

Claims are handled by UK based experts in IR35