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The Contractor Compliance Portal is part of the Vestura Group, a fast growing, agile & dynamic group of specialist financial services businesses.

Our team have decades of experience at some of the industry’s biggest names, mainly at board level. Our founders have previously setup, grown and successfully sold and integrated businesses into bigger players in the marketplace.

With a proven track record in developing IR35 insurances, IT systems, status reviews and consultancy & compliance offerings, we’ve now combined this under one single offering.

Our aim is simple – to allow businesses and contractor to better understand, educate and protect themselves in relation to the seemingly ever changing IR35 legislation.




We’ve been involved with and advising on IR35 since the mid 2000’s, since when our staff have personally reviewed thousands of contracts from an IR35 perspective. We’ve built insurance systems, developed IR35 insurances and consultancy offerings, and are now combining our expertise to bring it into one market-leading offering.

We have a highly experienced in-house team of IR35 experts providing advice to an ever growing and wide range of recruitment agencies, accountants, clients, contractors and consultancies from varying sectors. 


As a company we are an Appointed Representative (AR) with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of our sister company Roots Insurance Brokers. Roots Insurance Brokers are directly regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), are a Coverholder at Lloyds and are a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

As individuals our staff includes past Presidents and committee members of local insurance institutes and past Regional Chairpersons at BIBA. We’re proud to show our passion for the industry as a company and as individuals, recognising the good insurance can provide at the worst of times.

Within the Vestura Group there is both a specialist contractor insurance division, Roots Contractor Insurance, and a general UK SME broking division Roots Insurance Brokers.

IT Systems

We’ve built and delivered the Contractor Compliance Portal through our expertise in building software for contractor supply chains and insurance brokerages, and woven into that our deep understanding and expertise of IR35 legislation and case precedent, making it the perfect solution for businesses and contractors looking to assess IR35 status. 

We’ve worked with a rapidly growing number of recruitment agencies and clients to assist them understand the requirements placed on them to correctly make IR35 status determinations, taking away the need for them to fully know, learn and understand IR35, and simplifying it through the use of cutting edge, in-house technology combined with human expertise, to ultimately help them mitigate risk and retain the benefits that a well-managed flexible workforce brings to a business.

Customer Service

Everything we do is customer centric, meaning from the first contact through to conclusion we aim to deliver a service that is completely tailored and unparalleled in the level of customer service provided.

All of our staff are highly experienced in their field, friendly and knowledgeable – because lets face it, and as much as we love it and are engrossed in it, IR35 isn’t the most exciting of subjects.

A faceless system is no good no matter how functional it is, that’s why we top and tail the Contractor Compliance Portal so that users get the best functionality backed by the best customer service. The result… the leading system in the marketplace for assessing IR35 status and managing contractors.

Vestura Group Companies

Roots Insurance Brokers

A provider of commercial insurances to UK SME businesses, with a specialism in insuring the staffing supply chain. Roots Insurance Brokers provides a wide range of both individual and package insurances from a vast panel of A-rated UK based insurers – meaning it can insure almost every type of SME business operating in the UK today.

Roots Contractor Insurance

A provider of specialist business insurances, including PI, PL & EL and IR35 insurance to UK contractors via a 24/7/365 self-service quote & buy website – allowing customers to instantly quote, purchase and receive their policy documents online. Roots Contractor Insurance partners with many of the UK’s top contractor accountant and recruitment firms.

Roots Contractor Mortgages

A provider of contractor and freelancer mortgages and protection products to UK based customers. Roots Contractor Mortgages has access to more than 12,000 mortgages from over 90 lenders, complimented by a wide range of protection products, including; life, critical illness, income protection and buildings & contents insurance.

The Mortgage Lodge

A provider of residential and landlord mortgages and protection products to UK based customers. The Mortgage Lodge has access to more than 12,000 mortgages from over 90 lenders, complimented by a wide range of protection products, including; life, critical illness, income protection and buildings & contents insurance.

The Will Place

A provider of wills, power of attorney, trusts and estate planning for individuals, families and companies. Customers can chose to use the automated platform that lets them create their own will online without human interaction, have it reviewed by a person, and have it safely and securely stored online for easy future retrieval.

Oakwood Capital Wealth Management

A provider of financial, wealth, investment, retirement, pension, social care, inheritance tax and gifting advice for individuals, families, trustees and companies. By taking the time to understand customers and their needs, we create a financial plan that ensures they remain in control of their future. 

Why The Star Wars Lego Theme?!

Lets face facts, IR35 or insurance aren’t top of many peoples list when it comes to fun topics to talk about, let alone when combined together. In an environment where businesses and individuals now have to learn, understand, and be involved in IR35, and where we have added insurance into the mix, we wanted to bring something more enjoyable and lighthearted to what is often viewed as being very boring, stale and uninteresting. 

Not only that but we also wanted something people would attach to the system and reference it by. We’re not a fan of bland corporate websites that are full of generic stock images, and truth be told the genius who led building this system loves his Star Wars, so it’s a nod in his direction too. Like it or hate it, we think you’ll remember it…